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Hair Loss Treatment

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Quick Details
Type : Hair loss treatment
Function : Instantly build up hair in 30s
Products Name : Fully Hair Building Fibers
Length of fiber : 0.3-0.7mm
Feature : Fibers is charged with electricity static
Main ingredients : Plant resinous fiber, keratin derivative

Product Description
Fully Hair Fibers is a unique products for thinning hair people , that thousand of tiny hair fibers interwine with your existing hair , just in 30s to build up a thicker and fuller hair look.

How Fully hair fibers work ?
"Magnetized “ with static electricity , thousand of tiny hair fibers undetectably merge with your existing hair instantly to make a head of fuller hair .
- Looks completely natural
- Lasts all day, all night, even through wind, rain,sweat, and perspiration
- Suitable for men and women all ages

What the main ingredients of Fully fibers ?
Fully hair fiber is made of completely pure natural plant ingredients .
-It does not contain bactericide nor preservative . -It will not irritate skin, block pores, dry scalp nor increase dandruff.

Products in Detail
-The special design of fingerprint sticker seal ,which keep hair fibers from moisure .
-The two side of funnel shape shifter , its easily control how much the fibers comes out when shaking .
-Using advanced printing technology, so the letter on bottle is clear as you can see.
-The untitheft box bottem to protect products safety during transportation .
-Fully Hair Building Fibers is electric statically processed with every fiber carring static energy. It helps to disperse the hair better and avoids clumping together.
-By using the microscope to magnify 100 times , we can see Fully hair building fibers is slimmer , longer , and well- proportioned .
-Fully hair building fibers does not look like dust, it clings to the existing hair securely and match with natural human hair

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