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1.2L Electric Mini Rice Cooker Non stick

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Quick Details
Controlling Mode : Digital Timer Control
LCD : No
Shape : Cylinder
Housing Material : Plastic
Application : 1-2 people
Power (W) : <600W
Heating Method : Three-dimensional Heating Voltage (V) : 220V
Capacity : <3L
Material : Alloy Function : Non-Stick Coating Inner Pot,Cake,Leben,Claypot Cooked Food,Rice Cooking,Rice Cooking & Porridge Cooking & Soup Stewing &

Protable mini rice cooker
1.perfect for making rice at work
2.only need an outlet
3.easy to carry
4.energy saving

HOT SELLING protable mini rice cooker
Mini rice cookers are perfect for making rice at work, on the go when traveling, family vacations or even at a friends house. These rice cooker or travel rice cookers are perfect because they usually only need an outlet to cook your rice. Many of the different brands also on top of cooking your rice will warm up food like soup or other side dishes. There really is nothing better than fresh, warm rice for lunch at work or even on vacation.Mini rice cooker rice cookers only need an outlet and will make a single or double serving of rice in 10 minutes.and have fresh, delirious rice.You can literally add anything to rice and have a completely different meal or flavor.

1.Real miniature (17cm *19 cm), does not occupy a space,easy to carry
2.Super energy saving, power 200 w
3.Miniature fluid design, certified food grade box, convenient to boil. Hot. Steamed dishes.
4.Use separate power plug, Safety and reliable, removable cover, easy to clean.
5.Inner pot Adopt special double-sided coating inside and outside.non-stick pan, Easy to clean.
6.A key switch button, Automatic to change insulation and cooking function, and easy to operate.
7.Double box to fasten the upper cover, fully enclosed cooking, rice are soft, nutrition and more delicious.
8.Portable mini rice cooker, personality and easy to carry.

1.new cover card buckle design, can avoid shaking,prevent food spillover and make cooking temperature more uniform sealing.
2.Split type power supply power cord and pot body separation design,easy to carry. more importantly,all copper power cord to ensure the safety.
3.Double unpick and wash lid,add silicone sealing ring to make food more heat preservation.
4.Inner pot is made of high quality aluminum alloy material,inside and outside spraying food non-stick coating,Disposable and non-stick frying-pan
5.Lager vent, safety to discharge steam,but also can keep the temperature of the pan and retaining nutrition.
6.Non-slip chassis is strong and stand slapping. Unique ventilation design, Not afraid of scattered sundry jam for heat.
7.Unique high -temperature popcorn paint,strong sense,scratch resistance,heat preservation time is longer.
8.3d pin type loading and thicken switch panel with more than ten thousands of times in the test
9.High temperature plastic food box certification
10.Boiled rice is more fresher and good for health. You can cook it anywhere.

1.Color may be varying different between CRT and LCD screens.
2.Honest, best customers' service and good quality.
3.Good and competitive price.

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