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Wireless Magnetic Burglar Alarm

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Choose from either 1, 2 or 3 Wireless Magnetic Burgular Alarms
Features magnetic sensor switch which detects entry to your property
Ward off intruders with the internal 3.90db alarm
Pack contains: 3 pcs 1.5VLRR44 button cell batteries, adhesive double-sided and CCTV warning sticker
Great value security aid to fight theft; perfect for homes and businesses

Item Specifications
With the rise of impressive, yet affordable home security gadgets on the market, there’s never been a better time to kit out your home or workplace with an appropriate alarm system to ensure your property is kept safe.
Style: Wireless Magnetic Burglar Alarm.
Other Features: Easily mounted by a abhesive tape to window or door , Magnetic sensor switch detects entry , CCTV Warning door/window sticker is supplied , Operated by 3 pcs 1.5VLRR44 button cell (battery in package).
Operating Instructions: Use the doubleside adhesive tape to fix the main unit at the side of the door/window. Attach the bar magnet to door frame /window frame with the arrow aligning with the reference line of the main unit.
Test the setup by switching the system’s switch to “on” position of the main unit and see whether the alarm can be triggered by opening the door /window. 90 db alarm can be heard throughout the home and office.

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