Our toners, shapers and bras not only look and feel good, but also 'may' perform a function to help us to look slim, look better, feel better and be more active every day, some functions our specialist garments perform are listed below, however you will only truly know their effects once you try them for yourself!


Less back strain, less weight on the spine leads to more freedom throughout the day. Many of our toners and shapers come with back support as standard, by gently affirming the whole mid-section of the body amazing comfort is achieved. 



Women wear bras to stop the breast area from sagging and feeling uncomfortable... we know this, and so have created products that not only lend to these support features, but provide super support at just the right areas to be the most comfortable bras in the world.



It's not easy to get the perfect hip shape quickly, so we have added shaping features within our toners and shapers to support areas that need support, tone areas that need toning and more... the toners and shapers act as a shaping glove that slowly but surely helps the body mature into the perfect shape... and once the effects have happened they will not go away that quickly either, so it is a well worth it investment.


Every woman wants firm and lifted breasts... it's a fact of life... you may be using hormone enhancers, creams etc etc... however a simple support mechanism in the bras you wear can also make a major effect to not only support the chest area but also lift and firm it over time.



By putting vertical pressure upwards and compressing the buttock area the body feels better, shapes into a sexier shape and lets the wearer put on tighter clothes. Now dresses, skirts, jeans and anything else you wear would look that much nicer, plus you get the added bonus that as the shape is kept over time the buttocks lose fat and tend to maintain that shape. 



Many of our shaping and toning products provide mid-section support, this support goes one step further as your muscles under the body are also toned and shaped by adding pressure to the right area within the mid-section you don't only get slimmer, but also a stronger mid-section over time.



By placing pressure on the mid-section the rolls and sags of fat that hang become invisible once smoothed, this effect is straightaway useful as you look better in most of your clothing now, however the long term usage results are also excellent as fat loss and shaping occurs with permanent results over proper usage.



Sexy thighs require a lot of hard work in the gym, also our toner and shaper products... which can help your workout gain 100% more results over time to gain the sexy legs you have always dreamed of, that much faster, that much easier and that much sexier!



Wide, hanging or sagging breasts are a problem of the past, with our super wicked bras... as they provide comfort, anti-sagging and anti-hanging technology which keeps the breasts in the right place and shape to look sexy all day every day! 




One of the most difficult areas to remove fat from as the body just loves to accumulate even an extra biscuit intake straight to the stomach area... our toners and shapers help keep the stomach in and over time you will notice the fat has just disappeared like magic... give it a go and find out for yourself.