Q: Are the Toners, Shapers and Bras different from a traditional undergarment?
A: Yes. Our product range introduces body sculpting, 'may' help fat losing and overall body support features to the undergarment so that you are not only wearing comfortable clothing underneath, but also proactively doing something beneficial for it both short term and long term.

Q: Will the Toners, Shapers and Bras fit me?
A: Yes. We have carefully selected a size system that will fit most sizes, however be sure to check your size with our size guide first to double check you are purchasing the right product.

Q: Are the Toners, Shapers and Bras machine washable?
A: As there is some shaping technology behind most products we ship, these elements must be taken care of and may not be suitable for machine washing. We recommend hand washing in cold water and hang to dry or dry flat to make sure the products maintain their shape for a longer time.

Q: How do I put on the Toners, Shapers and Bras?

A: Most products are step in wear, so that there are no metals, clips etc to grind against your skin and be uncomfortable… You can either:
1) Step into it and pull it up, or
2) Put it on over your head and pull it down
It may take a few times putting it on and taking it off to get the hang of it. If you’ve ordered the correct size, your product should feel snug but not uncomfortable in any way.

Q: Will I have any issue with the products?
A: No. The Toners, Shapers and Bras are designed so they fit well, look good and maintain their function even with prolonged use. You'll love the way they reduce the dreaded "MUFFINS, BUMPS & SAGS".

Q: How do I know what size to order?
A: To order the correct size garment, you will need 3 measurements. Your upper chest measurement will tell you which body size to order, and your individual breast size measurement will tell you which cup size to order and your hip and waist size will help with the Body suits. Please see our Sizing Guide which illustrates how to measure correctly for both body and cup.

Q: How do I know if I’m in the right size product?
A: If you notice your body is overflowing from the top or bottom of the products, you may need a larger size. If you are not filling out the products, you will need to go down to a smaller size cup. The body size of the product is designed to fit snuggly and not too tightly and if you've measured as instructed, you should be very comfortable in the correct size.

Q: Are the Toners, Shapers and Bras comfortable to wear?
A: We've often heard customers say the Toners, Shapers and Bras feel like a "second skin". The Toners, Shapers and Bras are made with a mixture of stretchy cotton, nylon,  lycra and other special materials which is a technologically advanced moisture wicking fabric that will keep you cool throughout the day and is lightweight, smooth and silky to the touch.