Hi and welcome to the Shapelle shaping experience... I have been trying to lose fat, look slimmer and feel more active for a long time now and I have tried every sports drink product, stamina enhancers and tonnes of hard exercise... but I was just unable to get rid the extra bulges, hard fat and look like those models you see on TV and keep a part time job and look after a house hold at the same time... so I decided to do some research and came across this concept of toner and shaper clothing that tightens, messages and helps you lose fat, look slimmer and fitter just by wearing them while you carry on with your everyday life, while exercising and when you’re not... So after seeing the results for myself I have decided to share my success with everyone and created this website with only the best and highest quality products I know you will love... I can 100% guarantee it! Happy Shaping!

Shashi, London

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT…! I received my new BodyShaper and I absolutely love it!!!! I have put on a few extra pounds and hate the fat, every other product I have tried has wires that poke or feel uncomfortable. I hated wearing them and couldn't seem to find a good one until I found you! Thank you so very much for allowing me to feel comfortable for the first time in a long time! " 

Amanda, London

"YOU HAVE SUCH WONDERFUL PRODUCTS - I can't tell you how much I love the WaistShaper. It is the most comfortable tommy tucking wear I have ever purchased and no more bulges - it's great! "

Penny, Esssex

"LOVE YOUR PRODUCT. I just ordered 2 more. I've tried the other sports bra before and couldn't use them because they just didn’t feel right. Now I have ordered a whole set from you guys… and am losing weight comfortably and quickly… many thanks."

Sarada, West End

"EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I love the products on your site and have told every single girlfriend about them! You have invented a product wonderfully comfortable range! God bless you! If I can ever be of service to you as a model. please feel free to call on me. I think you accomplished something amazing and to be extremely proud of. I love it!"

Rebecca, Manchester

"QUICK SHIPPING, EXCELLENT PRODUCT This is truly an excellent experience. It seems to get rid of all the imperfections and still keep it's function as a great bra! Can't wait for more products! "
Dale, Wales

"MUCH APPRECIATED. I have just purchased my third (1 BodyShaper, 1 WaistShaper and 1 BodyToner) and am looking forward to getting more. I now wear these exclusively, all the time. They are well constructed, and I have not had them "wear out." Thank you, again. Pearl "
Pearl, Scotland

"I WILL NOT WEAR ANYTHING ELSE, EVER (I bought the short one and the beige one), I stared into the mirror! I could not believe it. Where did the fat go? I have a closet full of tops that have gone unworn for years. I can wear anything I want now. I've told all my friends I know about them!!!"
Amie, Winchester

" I JUST RECEIVED MY IT IN THE MAIL TODAY. I tried it on and immediately came to the computer to order a second one! It truly does what it claims and so comfortably! I LOVE IT! Thank you for making such a great product. Debra "
Debra, Hull

" ITS BETTER THAN MOST I HAVE TRIED. To my surprise it arrived 3 days after ordering it. I tried it on immediately and don't think I'll wear another bra or undergarment. It fits perfectly, without binding and it smooths out all the lumps and bumps. It's So-o-o comfortable! Thank you so much for creating the world's best shapers, toners and bras. I'll be buying more!! Kiran "
Kiran, London